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aux débutants ou yogis confirmés, je donne des cours de yoga personnalisé, 1 à 4 personnes, sur demande et/ou vous accompagne dans l'établissement d'une pratique qui vous plaise, qui vous convienne, qui soit adaptée à votre condition physique, et que vous puissiez faire de façon autonome.
Débutants, sportifs, personnes handicapées, personnes en rééducation physique bienvenues.
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I coach you during your fasting process (before for preparation and getting ready, while you do fast and after for your coming back to eating). That coaching may be done distant, trough Skype by example.

to beginners or confirmed yogi, I give personnalised yoga courses and coaching, 1 to 4 people, under request, and/or I m coaching you in establishing a practice which pleases you, which fits you, which is beneficial to you and adapted to your physical condition, that you may do in autonomy.
Beginners, sport's, challenged people, post-trauma post-accident beings most welcome.
If you can breath, you can do yoga.
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mardi 28 mai 2013

Monsanto killing beekeeper's special bees

Illinois Authorities secretly destroy beekeeper’s bees and 15 years of research proving Monsanto’s Roundup kills bees

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Jonathan Benson
May 21, 2012

An Illinois beekeeper with more than a decade’s worth of expertise about how to successfully raise organic, chemical-free bees is the latest victim of flagrant government tyranny. According to thePrairie Advocate, Terrence “Terry” Ingram of Apple River, Ill., owner of Apple Creek Apiaries, recently had his bees and beehives stolen from him by theIllinois Department of Agriculture(IDofA), as well as more than 15 years’ worth of research proving Monsanto’s Roundup to be the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) destroyed.
It began last summer when Ingram, who teaches children about natural beekeeping, gave a sample of his honeycomb to IDofA inspector Susan Kivikko ( at a beekeeper’s picnic. Ingram explained that his bees would not touch the comb, and asked Kivikko if it could be tested for chemical contamination.
Kivikko told him that IDofA does not test for chemicals, presumably because its policy is to actively promote them, and instead took the comb and had it tested for “foulbrood,” a disease that Ingram says is greatly overblown. When the test allegedly came back positive, Kivikko proceeded to get the ball rolling on a witch hunt that would eventually lead to the illegal seizure and destruction of Ingram’s personal property.
Not only did Kivikko, as well as her colleague Eleanor Balson and superior Steven D. Chard, break the law by trespassing Ingram’s property on numerous occasions without a warrant, but they also committed numerous crimes by stealing his hives and equipment and destroying pertinent evidence before a hearing, which Ingram believes may have ultimately been rooted in a deliberate conspiracy by the state to hide the truth about Roundup, and subsequently steal his most vibrant bees.
IDofA appears to have targeted Ingram for his research linking Roundup to CCD
Of particular interest was Ingram’s extensive research on Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, which began several years ago when hundreds of Ingram’s hives had died. He later determined that Roundup sprayings near his property were to blame, which prompted him to actively research the subject and closely monitor his hives in conjunction with this research from that point onward.
What he gathered, and subsequently taught to others, was concrete evidence that Roundup kills bees. He also used this information and his many years of experience to develop and refine ways of growing strong, chemical-free bees in spite of Roundup sprayings, a move that apparently upset IDofA, which operates primarily to serve the interests of chemical companies rather than the interests of the people.
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“Is Illinois becoming a police state, where citizens do not have rights?” asked Ingram, who has been deliberately denied his rights, to thePrairie Advocate. “Knowing that Monsanto and the Department of Agriculture are in bed together, one has to wonder if Monsanto was behind the theft to ruin my research that may prove Roundup was, and is, killing honeybees.”
Be sure to read the fullPrairie Advocatestory about Terry Ingram, which includes a video interview, here:

Sources for this article include:
This article was posted: Monday, May 21, 2012 at 7:04 am

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